Grand Armory Brewing is distributed throughout our great state of Michigan.

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Introducing the taste of craftsmanship, Grand Armory Brewing’s exquisite collection of beers has made its way across the entire state of Michigan, thanks to our exceptional distribution partners. With a reach that extends from the northern tip of Alpena County to the vibrant streets of Eastown in Kent County, our brews have become a beloved staple in local establishments and homes alike.

Alliance Beverage Distributing, Alpena Beverage, Eastown Distributing, Griffin Distribution, John P. O’Sullivan Distributing, Q & W, Inc., Peterlin Distributing, Powers Distributing, and Tyler Sales have played an instrumental role in ensuring that Grand Armory Brewing’s portfolio is available in every county and city across the state.

From Marquette to Monroe, our award-winning beers have found their way to the hands of beer enthusiasts, making every sip an experience worth savoring. Whether you’re enjoying a pint of our flagship beer, Wheezin’ The Juice IPA, or exploring the rich flavors of our seasonal brews; our commitment to quality and craftsmanship remains unwavering.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued partners who have tirelessly worked to distribute our beers throughout Michigan. Their dedication and passion for delivering the finest brews to discerning palates have allowed us to share our passion for beer with countless Michiganders.

Raise a glass to our partners, and join us in celebrating the statewide availability of Grand Armory Brewing’s exceptional beers. Together, we toast to the thriving beer culture in Michigan, one county and city at a time.

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